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Our mission is to provide an opportunity for people all around the world to create their dream Japanese Garden. With the traditions and workship that has been passed down by our ancestors, we have created numerous Japanese Gardens for various clients, including private customers, large institutions, and government.

Our operations do not stay within the domestic areas, but we operate globally, in multiple oversea countries. Through consulting your ideal image and requirements, we will recreate your ideal garden. Our company will execute our jobs in a strictly professional manner, in the Japanese way.

About Our Gardener

Our Gardener

Yoshiaki Kitazawa

Born in Kyoto. He first began to work as a gardener when he was just 20. When he became 23, he became the business owner of the company, Kitazawa Zouen. He later moved on to receive Grade 1 (highest level) certificate from the Japan Federations of Landscaping Contractors. In 2009 he was received the Excellence in Landscaping Award from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Currently he works as the director of the Kyoto Landscaping Committee.

Makoto Kitazawa

Born in 1988. He is the third generation owner of Kitazawa Zouen. His works include designing private gardens, as well as landscaping for temples, hotels and commercialized facilities. He has received multiple awards for his works, such as “Best Design Award For The World Flower Garden Show 2017", and "Kobe-Biennale 2015 Green Art Competition Championship Work". He also displayed his personal exhibition “makoto kitazawa does Kyoto 2019”.


"Honmon Butsuryu Shu do Brasil"

This is a large scale project, which was done in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The objective was to design a "Holy Garden" for the Japanese religion, Honmon Butsury-shu. Kitazawa went to Brazil to proceed with the project, and cooperated with about 8~10 local monks to complete it. The main theme was to illustrate the connection between nature and people. He placed numerous stones around the large bell to gather people in circle.


"Kobe-Biennale 2015 Green Art Competition Championship Work"

The theme for this project was the coexistence of nature and human. Kitazawa implemented tatami, which is a traditional Japanese mattress, as well as Zabuton, a traditional Japanese cushion. He then used maple trees to create an atmosphere where people could sit down and relax in nature, despite being in the city.

"River Landscaping"

This project was done to create the scenery of waterfall and river flowing in the mountains. Various trees surround the waterfall, and create the illusion of being in the mountains. Kitazawa put in an enormous amount of effort to implement the suitable rocks and trees, as well as having the correct placement.

Price References

Balcony Reform/Small
Scale Gardening

$15,000 to $30,000

Approximately 10m2

Medium Scale

$30,000 to $80,000

Approximately 50m2

Large Scale


Approximately 100m2

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