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Bonsai, stones, and bamboo personally installed by our gardeners!

We can ship an authentic Japanese garden from Kyoto right to your doorstep. A turnkey operation by our specialists makes it possible at a reasonable price.


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*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the location survey process may be conducted online. → More Details

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create traditional Japanese gardens overseas with the skills and materials only available in Japan. With Japan-originated materials that our skilled gardeners have established connection with for centuries, our meticulously crafted gardens will amplify the voices of nature and provide you with a sense of mindfulness and calm. To make sure that your garden takes root and lives long, the design will include the local plants of your region, which will create a beautiful harmony with the Japanese traditional style.

From one square meter to full view sized—It’s more than just a garden makeover.

Among thousands of gardeners in Japan, only few are allowed to make and take care of temple gardens. Makoto Kitazawa, our head gardener who designs and installs all of our projects overseas, is a multi-awarded winner of landscape contests both in Japan and abroad, while also being the gardener for Ninna-ji temple in Kyoto, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Having the utmost respect for traditional craftsmanship as the core of our projects, we, Rising Sun Landscape and Design, consider communication with customers our top priority. To make sure that we accommodate all your requests and that every issue is explained including the process of design, shipment, and payment, your project will be exclusively handled by one of our experienced support specialists.

Please contact us if you are interested in getting an authentic Japanese garden for your place, at any size from a square meter to a large, full-sized area. We will provide you with an outstanding experience and a temple-quality garden with stones, bamboo, bonsai and gardeners shipped directly from Kyoto to you.


Above: backyard renovation project in Singapore

Requests from the owner:
The owner wanted a Japanese garden at the corner of their property, and asked for a solution to counter highway noise.

Water-filled bamboo tube called Shishi-Odoshi, Japanese stones from Kyoto, Japanese white gravel, local plants

Description of the completed garden:
The design concept aims to create an oasis of calm amidst the towering urban center of Singapore. The ground was covered with Japanese white gravel to provide a defined border from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. At the center are carefully chosen Japanese stones and a traditional stone basin. The sound of the little stream and water-filled bamboo tube blurs city noise, inviting a slower and quieter life.

*Using local materials is optional, too.


  • Soki Shimamoto


    Representing the fourth generation from a trusted family business with 60 years of history and experience in the Japanese garden industry.

    He expanded the business abroad ten years ago, becoming the official supplier for a government-operated botanical garden in Singapore after the success of exportation of bonsai and Japanese landscaping business.

  • Makoto Kitazawa

    Head Gardener

    Born into a long lineage of gardeners in Kyoto, he is a multi-awarded spatial artist and gardener with the following accolades:

    • Japan Landscaping Technique Competition 2014, Special award
    • KOBE Biennale Green Art Competition 2015, First prize
    • Huis Ten Bosch Flower Show 2017, First prize
    • Makoto Does Kyoto Exhibition 2019

(Designed and installed by Kitazawa)

Our Services

We provide total services, from design to material procurement and installation.

The Flow of Creation

Inquiry / Rough Estimate

Tell us about your project and get a rough estimate from our team for free.

Initial Consultation

Share with us your needs via an online consultation, and we will work with your plans and budget to create your ideal Japanese garden.

Location survey

Our gardener will personally travel to your area to scope out a plan for your garden.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this may be conducted online.

Design / Review

After we complete the blueprint of your garden design, we will arrange a meeting for you to review the plans.

Shipment of materials

Once the design has been finalized, we will source the best materials from all over Japan, examine to make sure they are best-suited for your garden’s needs, and ship them straight to your doorstep.


Our gardeners will personally travel over 6,200 miles from Japan to your home and install your one-of-a-kind, tailored Japanese garden, incorporating local plants in the design.

Please contact us for a quote and detailed flow

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Balcony Reform/Small

Approximately 10m2

$15,000 to $30,000


Approximately 50m2

$30,000 to $80,000


Approximately 100m2



Overall duration would differ based on the size of the garden, the specific design, site conditions, access, plant selection, and other factors. Please contact us for a rough estimate based on your specific needs.

All meetings and emails will be in either English or Japanese at your choice.

The first payment will be a design-fee deposit when we start to plan the design, payable only after free estimate. We will also communicate this clearly during the process to make sure there is no confusion.

As an example: stones from each country are formed in different ways and composed of different materials, which affect the overall appearance (such as colors, fineness and shapes) of stones. These small differences can greatly change the overall impression of a garden.

No. We conduct sterilization and quarantine testing before shipping, following USDA import procedures.

We can arrange for a local landscaping company to assist you as needed.



KYOTO OMURO Garden and Design Co., Ltd.

Kyoto, Japan

Official SNS

President's Message

Soki Shimamoto

Every spring, cherry blossoms come into full bloom here in Kyoto coloring every corner of the ancient capital, where the culture of Japanese gardens started centuries ago and developed ever since. This beautiful scenery, one of the best in the world, evokes respect and appreciation in me for the culmination of our ancestors’ craftsmanship, which our company has had part in for the last 65 years. Since even before our humble success in the bonsai export business in Singapore, it has been an undoubtful fact that our mission is to spread our inheritance across the globe. With joyful experiences to witness how our bonsai brought bliss to the people of Southeast Asia, our belief in the universal potential of the Japanese garden has only gotten stronger. This has led us to be here to deliver our products and services to you, in the U.S.A. Let’s begin this journey and branch out to the next chapter of the Japanese garden with us.

President and CEO

Soki Shimamoto

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