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The Best Bonsai from Kyoto

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KYOTO OMURO is a trade and wholesale nursery located in Kyoto, Japan.

We carry beautiful collections of Bonsai and now ship to the U.S.A.

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Why Omuro?

Reliable Service since 1955

  • Trusted family nursery business with four generations’ experience
  • Purveyor for Ninnaji Temple in Kyoto, a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Japanese government-certified company

10 Years’ Experience in Exports

  • Official supplier for:
    • Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
    • Diplomatic establishments
  • Wholesaler for high-end department stores

100% Pass Rate for Plant Quarantine

  • No failure at quarantine tests in the past
  • Adheres to the regulations of each country
  • Distinctive sterilization method co-developed with government agencies

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Our Products


Japanese Bonsai is the best, and the ones grown in Kyoto are just exquisite.

The secret that makes our Bonsai special is what is locked in them: the eternal lapse of time in Kyoto, and its breathtaking allure in each season. They will sprout and bloom in your living room and invite you to travel to the hidden ancient capital of Japan — it’s pure magic.

Let us help you find the right one for you from our exquisite Bonsai collection that includes Cherry Blossom, Japanese White Pine, Juniper, Japanese Maple, Camellia, and Wisteria. All our Bonsai comes in traditional Japanese pottery or wooden pots, at reasonable prices.


Everything you need to grow Bonsai is in this kit. Are you wondering whether you know enough, or if you are ready for Bonsai? Don’t be worried, our little plants will sprout in the cute pottery pots provided with no worries and lead you to the world of Bonsai.

Our kits have been chosen as the best options for all kinds of clients and businesses for being easy to stock and ship worldwide.

Tree species: Cherry blossom, Japanese pine tree, Japanese maple
Height: about 3.15 in
Width: about 3.7 in

  • Bonsai species
  • Pot
  • Soil
  • Pot bottom
  • Booklet on how to grow

Please contact us for detailed terms of trade including price, shipping, and payment.

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KYOTO OMURO Garden and Design Co., Ltd.
Kyoto, Japan

Official SNS

President’s Message

Every spring, cherry blossoms come into full bloom here in Kyoto coloring every corner of the ancient capital, where the culture of Japanese gardens started centuries ago and developed ever since. This beautiful scenery, one of the best in the world, evokes respect and appreciation in me for the culmination of our ancestors’ craftsmanship, which our company has had part in for the last 65 years. Since even before our humble success in the bonsai export business in Singapore, it has been an undoubtful fact that our mission is to spread our inheritance across the globe. With joyful experiences to witness how our bonsai brought bliss to the people of Southeast Asia, our belief in the universal potential of the Japanese garden has only gotten stronger. This has led us to be here to deliver our products and services to you, in the U.S.A. Let’s begin this journey and branch out to the next chapter of the Japanese garden with us.

President and CEO

Soki Shimamoto

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Welcome to Kyoto Omuro

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